From our humble beginnings in a shop lot in Kepong, Malaysia, in 1975 as an injection molding contract manufacturer with 2 injection molding machines, May-Plastics has grown to become a concept to market manufacturing that provides design, manufacturing and supply chain management services for our customers comprising of Japanese, European and US multinational corporations (MNCs). Our existing facility in Rawang, Malaysia, occupies nearly 200,000 sq ft of land area which includes 105,000 sq ft of built up facilities providing concept-to-market manufacturing services.


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Why You Should Work With Us


We have a long history of serving top Japanese businesses and foreign multinationals  in manufacturing electrical and electronic products.  With 40 years of experience as a trusted supplier, we have a proven track record of meeting our customers’ stringent quality standards and time-to-market requirements.   Today, we have expanded our capabilities and serve a range of customers from Japanese home appliance manufacturers and audio visual MNCs to leading European construction tools and applications companies. Our long-standing relationships mean that we truly become their partners in manufacturing, from product design to market delivery. Integrity is at the core of our businesses practices, and we are well known for our uncompromising principles to safeguard the quality, intellectual property and branding of our customers’ products and intellectual property.



Rapid time-to-market is critical for our customers in today’s fast-paced and hyper-competitive business environment. We have established ourselves as a reliable manufacturing partner in enabling our customers to launch their products in respective markets speedily.

We are able to deliver quickly and reliably. In 2014, 100% of our production was delivered on time and to quality specifications; we have rapidly turned around urgent orders for our clients and handled unforecasted upside demand and coordinate sourcing of key components from overseas.


Our scale means that we are flexible in handling varied volumes with tailored solutions and individual attention provided to each customer. We have capabilities in our design and engineering process to handle constant design changes as well as planning capabilities to handle fluctuating and exceptional demands.