Supply Chain Management

We provide a turnkey supply chain management solution which is tailored to fulfil our customers’ design and needs

Supply Chain Management


Sourcing of component

Just In Time | Kanban


Component & Finished Good Safety Stock | Inventory Management

We provide customized supply chain management solutions. This includes sourcing subcomponents and obscure components and vetting all our suppliers to achieve maximum cost optimisation while maintaining reliability in quality and delivery.

  • To meet our customers’ constantly fluctuating demand, we have adopted specific practices to ensure continuous supply and flexibility: Just In Time (JIT) to provide cost optimisation for customers
  • KANBAN to ensure smooth planning process that allows for upswing in demand.
  • COMPONENT and finished good SAFETY STOCK to meet exceptional and unforecasted demand

Packaging and Logistics

We also provide packaging concept design service for our customer who wants direct shipment of finished goods to the market.

Our logistics team is well versed in import/export and we can provide logistic support such as warehousing. Our strategic carriers partners have save cost for our customers by providing competitive rates.

Packaging and Logistics

Logistics Management | Warehouse and Delivery


Packaging Design | Ship Direct to Market

We provide packaging concept design services for our customers who want direct shipment of finished goods to the market.

Our logistics team is well experienced in facilitating import and export functions, and can provide logistics support with warehousing, for example, as well as negotiating competitive rates with strategic delivery partners.